Learning from Data

Building a Recommender System

Welcome to my page on “Learning from Data” for the Department’s Ambassadors’ programme. The programme is targeted at school students with an interest in mathematics and computer science. I was asked by Guy Brown, who put the programme together, to pull together a session on learning from data. And this is the result. All the details are given in the IPython notebook below.

The notes for this session can be viewed here.

But, we are actually going to run the session on our own computers in the ipython notebook. To do this you need to firstly open the ipython notebook. Then paste the following code into the ipython notebook.

import urllib
urllib.urlretrieve('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lawrennd/ambassadors14/master/movie_recommender.ipynb', 'movie_recommender.ipynb')

You should now be able to find the lab class by clicking File->Open on the ipython notebook menu.