What is Machine Learning? What is AI?

Lecture Notes

What is ML Lecture

Videolecture on “What is Machine Learning?” Presented at the 2012 Machine Learning Summer School in La Palma.

\ What is Machine Learning?\ Neil D. Lawrence\ 2 videos

Learning Outcomes Week 1

In this lecture, the following concepts were introduced.

The ability to identify likely applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in modern computers including:

  • Targeted adverts
  • Speech recognition
  • Ranking of news feed items
  • suggestion of likely friends in social networks
  • Pose identification in games consoles
  • Recommender systems, like Amazon and Netflix
  • Face recognition systems such (Picasa, Google, Facebook)

Modern artificial intelligence is heavily reliant on data.

Machine learning requires that data is combined with assumptions (or a model) to make a prediction.

The history of prediction with data goes back as far as Laplace and Gauss (200 years ago).

Many of the principles of prediction haven’t changed much in recent years, but the availability of data and computing power has greatly increased.