Organised by Neil Lawrence, Mark Girolami, Magnus Rattray and Guido Sanguinetti

The thematic programme is now complete, the ideas of the thematic programme will be continued in a series of workshops managed by a steering committee.

In this thematic programme we considered how machine learning can be brought to bear in knowledge driven systems biology models. Our key aim was to bridge a perceived gap between data driven computational biology models and systems biology models that are inspired by a knowledge of the actual underlying molecular interactions. We organised three workshops on parameter estimation in systems biology, probabilistic modelling of cellular networks and pathways and practical approaches to inference in large biological systems. The Thematic Programme ran between March and September 2007.

Workshops in the Programme

Edited Volume

The ideas in the programme were summarized in this on edited volume: “Learning and Inference in Computational Systems Biology” out now with MIT Press. Neil edited it with Mark Girolami, Magnus Rattray and Guido Sanguinetti. on Learning in Computational and Systems Biology. The MIT Press sites here.