Probabilistic Nonlinear Matrix Factorisation with Gaussian Processes

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Probabilistic Non Linear Collaborative Filtering Software

This page describes examples of how to use the Gaussian Process Software.

The collab software can be downloaded here.

Release Information

Current release is 0.1.

As well as downloading the COLLAB software you need to obtain the toolboxes specified below.

Toolbox Version
MLTOOLS 0.1311
OPTIMI 0.132
KERN 0.221
IVM 0.4
GPLVM 2.11
NOISE 0.14

This version includes scripts used to run the experiments in the ICML paper.

Version 0.09

This version of the toolbox is a preliminary release without the scripts for recreating the results in the paper, but with the core code that was used. To get up and running quickly try the demo for running on the Movielens 100k:

>> demMovielensSmall1

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