MATLAB tools for drawing (originally with image labelling in mind).

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Matlab Drawing Toolbox

This page describes the drawing toolbox for MATLAB.

The DRAWING software can be downloaded here.

Release Information

Current release is 0.112. Changed arrow code for demos of LFM talk.

Version 0.111

Caused objectDraw to iterate over objects.

Version 0.11

This is the first publicly available release.

Version 0.1

This version was a pre-release that was not made available.


This is a simple set of utilities for drawing interactively in a MATLAB figure window. To test run

>> imageLabel

Two windows will appear, one a drawing window with an image and a second with an edit control window. You can draw different shapes by selecting the relevant radio buttons. Objects can also be copied and moved. Selecting edit allows you to delete the selected object by pressing the delete key.

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