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Matlab Ndlutil Toolbox

Release Information

Current release is 0.163. Added plotMatrix for visualizating matrices on figure axes.

Version 0.162

Added files for printing to latex plots from Octave.

Version 0.161

Updates by Antti to lnDiffErf. Added readBinaryDoubles and printPlot.

Version 0.16

Release for ICML tutorial. Added cumGamma and gammaPdf. Also added isoctave and several matlab helper files for reading from file IDs.

Version 0.159

Minor release for dimensional reduction demos. Added centeringMatrix.m.

Version 0.158

Antti Honkela provided the files lnDiffErfs and gradLnDiffErfs to assist in computing the DISIM kernel from the kernel toolbox stably.

Version 0.157

Added treeFindLeaves.

Version 0.156 Moved treeFindParents, treeFindChildren and treeSwapNode into this toolbox from MOCAP toolbox.

Version 0.155

Moved lnCumGaussSum from NCNM toolbox to this toolbox as part of merge of NCNM toolbox into NOISE and IVM toolboxes.

Version 0.154

Added code for checking Hessian matrices.

Version 0.153

Added comments to files and changed jitChol, pdinv and logdet so that they can return any jitter added. If the return the jitter then they don't emit a warning.

Version 0.152

There was a sign error in lnDiffCumGaussian. This has been fixed. The sign error was replicated in the NOISE and PRIOR toolboxes (a case of two wrongs making a 'right'). This means that earlier versions of this toolbox are incompatible with versions of PRIOR before 0.131 and versions of NOISE before 0.131.

Version 0.151

Sped up the sparseDiag command using spdiag, this makes the FGPLVM code run much faster.

Version 0.15

Fixed inconsistencies in logdet and pdinv and corrected the amount of jitter that is added at first try. Placed the jitter addition in a new file jitChol which is called by both functions.

Added kldivGaussian for computing Gaussian Kullback-Leibler divergences.

Added deg2rad for converting degrees to radians.

Version 0.142

Added sparseDiag and moved data loading methods into the new DATASETS toolbox.

Version 0.14

Moved in lvmLoadData and mappingLoadData as generic methods of loading in data sets.

Version 0.131

Added files getline.m and tokenise.m which are string utilities for reading and processing files.

Version 0.13

pdinv now adds jitter which is proportional to the mean of the diagonal elements of the matrix.

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