Machine Learning and Emergency Medicine

Neil D. Lawrence

The Royal College for Emergency Medicine, London

My Background

Artificial Intelligence


Deep Learning

Outline of the DeepFace architecture. A front-end of a single convolution-pooling-convolution filtering on the rectified input, followed by three locally-connected layers and two fully-connected layers. Color illustrates feature maps produced at each layer. The net includes more than 120 million parameters, where more than 95% come from the local and fully connected.

Source: DeepFace (Taigman et al., 2014)

Public Use of Data for Public Good

Understanding Patient Data


Bush Pilot Model

  • The difference between capability and intent.



Taigman, Y., Yang, M., Ranzato, M., Wolf, L., 2014. DeepFace: Closing the gap to human-level performance in face verification, in: Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.