MATLAB software for speech synthesis through eigenvoices (from Interspeech Tutorial in 2009).

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Speech Synthesis Software

This page describes examples of how to use the simple MATLAB interface to the eigenvoice software for generating speech based on the Grid corpus.

This software has been tested on Linux only, it requires the presence of Perl, the HTK, and the SPTK as well as the SoX package.

The SYNTH software can be downloaded here.

Release Information

Current release is 0.1.

As well as downloading the SYNTH software you need to obtain the toolboxes specified below.

Toolbox Version

This is the first release for the Interspeech tutorial.


Ensure the following binary files are in the path: HMGenS (from HTK), excite, mglsadf (from SPTK). Compile the file f2s.c using gcc (gcc -o f2s f2s.c) and ensure it is in the path.


There are two main demonstration files,

>> demEigenvoiceLatent 

for visualizing the latent space of the eigenvoices and

>> demProjectVoices 

for reacreating individual speaker voices by projecting them onto the principal components defined by the other speakers.

The dimensionality reduction toolbox also makes use of the SYNTH toolbox for some examples of dimensionality reduction.

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