Privacy and Learning

Sheffield ML Group

New Challenges in Security

  • Data security is only one prequisite

  • Security is about Privacy.

  • There are new frontiers in Privacy

Data Protection

  • Misnomer: It’s about People Protection

  • A fundamental human right

  • Financial leaks are just one extreme end of the spectrum.

  • Increasing presence in digital world.

  • Data Science Challenge 3: Privacy, Inequality and Marginalization

The New Spectrum of Privacy

  • Privacy is a vital part of our social structures

  • It’s no longer on/off there is a spectrum

  • What I traditionally share with
  • lawyer, doctor, accountant
  • family, students, boss


  • Focus on health, user-centric data models

  • Providing community leadership
  • Guardian articles
  • Royal Society working group
  • Workshops on society and AI

  • … and technical solutions
  • Differential privacy for Gaussian processes