Information Infrastructure for Health


at ATI Scoping Workshop on the Data Analytics Pipeline, Edinburgh on Nov 18, 2015 [jupyter][reveal]
Neil D. Lawrence, University of Sheffield



In this talk we will address challenges in information infrastructure for health. Personalized health care is one of the promises of the information revolution. However, there are major challenges in the curation, collection and management of the data. These are not currently being properly addressed. The fiasco demonstrated the high sensitivity of the public to this data regime. Data leaks from the Pentagon, TalkTalk, Carphone Warehouse have demonstrated the inability of major institutions to keep our data secure. healthcare data is purportedly worth ten times credit card information on international black markets. Machine learning techniques are currently part of the problem, not the solution, they require centralised assimilation of data in a repository that can be easily accessed. A more robust information infrastructure would distribute data and contain afar greater degree of patient control over access. Such user-centric models may offer greater opportunity in terms of obtaining the necessary data-liquidity to fulfill the full potential of personalized health in effecting individuals’ health outcomes.