COM1005/2007: Machines and Intelligence

My part of this module aims to provide a basic understanding of the fundamental technologies underlying modern artificial intelligence. We will introduce the idea of machine learning and review some of the history of the field. Weeks 1, 2, 4, 5 will consist of lectures and week 6 will consist of a lab class. The teaching schedule and venue for each week are given below:

  1. Friday 12-14: Hicks Building Lecture Theatre A
  2. Friday 12-14: Hicks Building Lecture Theatre A
  3. Friday 12-14: Cancelled
  4. Friday 12-14: Hicks Building Lecture Theatre A
  5. Friday 12:45-14: Hicks Building Lecture Theatre A
  6. Friday 12-14: Edgar Allen Building IT Suite (Lab Class)

Lecture Summary

The material for the lectures will be posted below before each lecture (including audio and screen capture, where possible). We aim to put up the materials for each week’s lectures at the beginning of week. As a broad overview of the subjects to be covered, a short summary is given below.

  1. Week 1: What is AI, What is Machine Learning?
  2. Week 2: Classification, Regression, Error functions and Optimization
  3. Week 3: Cancelled
  4. Week 4: Quanitification of Uncertainty: Probabilities
  5. Week 5: Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms
  6. Week 6: Machine Learning Lab