Festival of Science and Engineering, University of Sheffield

talk by Professor Neil Lawrence

Time: 17:30 Wednesday 5th March 2015

Venue: St George’s Church Lecture Theatre, University of Sheffield


Like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs into the forest we leave a trail of data-crumbs wherever we go: social networks, mobile phones, hospital visits, credit cards and loyalty cards. Our every move is being watched! The data-crumbs are seeds of information but what results from them… is it a jungle with dangers lurking or a productive farmyard? And if our data is being farmed, where does all the produce go?


An article, “Beware the Rise of the Digital Oligarchy”, describing some of the ideas in the talk was also published today, 5th March, in the Guardian Media Network, it is available here.


A copy of the slides is available here.

IPython Notebook

During the talk we performed a simple demonstration of a movie recommender system. The implementation and description of the system is available here.


A video of the lecture will be available here.

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