There is a lot of fuss about deep learning at the moment, but that’s not the only machine learning game in town. A big focus for us in Sheffield is correct handling of uncertainty when the system is complex and the data is scarce, and one of the main tools we work with in this domain is Gaussian process models.

It’s GPs for GPs

The Gaussian process machine learning community is traditionally close knit: across the last few years rumour has abounded about the extent to which Gaussian processes are being used in that most technical of sports, Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing.

At the Gaussian process summer school we host in Sheffield we have already had three of the major F1 teams (each with recent world championships to their names!) send engineers for training.

However, now Ferrari have broken cover and are looking specifically for Gaussian process expertise in this advert. The advert is coming from their “Mathematical Modelling Group”, formed after their recent restructuring that seems to have brought the team back to form.

Mathematical Modelling in Maranello

I spoke to Luke Bolton, who runs the Mathematical Modelling group in Maranello about the position earlier today. He mentioned that the that the online application system can be a bit unwieldy, so CVs can also be emailed direct to:

Forza GPs!