Busy day yesterday, was thinking about things that make me more efficient. Here are three.

1) Cycling

Most convenient way to get to work, the station, from office to office, from office to station etc. Also gives me space to think, which is severely limited nowadays. Both while commuting and on the weekends riding in the Peak District.


Difficult to carry the children, so puts the burden on Marta for picking up the boys taking them to scouts etc because she has the car. When I was my childrens’ age I used to ride my bike to school, but nowadays there’s too many cars. Parked cars are a particular challenge. Sometimes you get wet.

2) Working with People you Trust

If you work with people you trust you don’t have to worry about second guessing them. Second guessing people has a very high cognitive load, research is complicated enough without modelling your collaborators alongside your data.


If you only work with people you trust it limits the number of things that you can do, because sometimes you need to work with those you don’t trust to achieve your objective.

3) Github

Version control and cloud storage in one. What more to add?


There are no downsides to using github.